Unity Sand Ceremony Sets, Vases, Frames, Shadow Boxes and Sand
Unity Sand Ceremony Sets, Vases, Frames, Shadow Boxes & Sand

Unity Sand Ceremony Sets, Vases, Frames, Shadow Boxes & Sand

Looking for Unity Sand Ceremony Sets, Vases, Frames, Shadow Boxes and Sand, for your wedding? You have found the right shop! The Sand Ceremony is one of the most popular elements in todays' wedding ceremonies! An alternative to the Unity Candle, the Sand Ceremony is especially well suited to an outdoor or beach wedding.  With several styles of Sand Ceremonies and many options for personalization, your Sand Ceremony will be as unique as your Wedding!  We also offer the miniature Family Sand Ceremony vases so that you may include your parents or children in the Sand Ceremony.  Several colors of crystalline sand are also available for your Sand CeremonyFor details on how a Sand Ceremony works, click here.

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Unity Sand Ceremony Sets

Unity Sand Ceremony Sets

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A Bell Shaped Vessel with Lid (SKU: WS9714)
A Classic Unity Ceremony Vase Set (SKU: WS9228)
A Decorative Initial Unity Sand Ceremony Nesting Vase Set (SKU: WS8246DI)
A Glass Sand Ceremony Vessel with Lid (SKU: WS9713)
A Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: WS8534P)
A Miniature Family Sand Ceremony Nesting Vases (SKU: WS6090)
A Sand Ceremony Vessel with Lid (SKU: WS9712)
A Small Glass Heart Shaped Vase (SKU: WS8535)
A Unity Sand Ceremony Nesting Vase Set (SKU: WS8246)
Bamboo Forever Frame (SKU: FFrame-Bamboo)
Black Forever Frame (SKU: FFrame-Black)
Clearly Love Etched Sand Ceremony Shadow Box with Photo Frames (SKU: WS9372)
Colored Wedding Sand (SKU: WS7083)
Colored Wedding Sand in Large Pouring Tubes (SKU: LRUS110)
Custom Sand Ceremony Cylinder (SKU: HBH11064)
Custom Sand Ceremony Cylinder Set (SKU: HBH11064Pand22909-3)
Distressed White Forever Frame Wedding Picture Frame (SKU: FFrame-Distressed White)
Extra Decanter Sand Ceremony Pouring Vase (SKU: HBH10164)
Extra Pouring Vase for Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: CCPS3909X)
Extra Pouring Vase for the Together Forever Unity Sand Set (SKU: LRUS118)
Extra Single Pouring Vase (SKU: HBH22909)
Extra Vases for Shadow Box Sets (SKU: CCPS3917-V2)
Forever Frame Destination Shadow Box (SKU: FFrame-GBSand)
Forever Frame in Walnut (SKU: FFrameWalnut)
Forever Frame, Wedding Picture Frame (SKU: FFrame)
Forever Framette, Wedding Picture Frame (SKU: FFramette)
Four Piece Decanter Sand Ceremony Set (Blank) (SKU: HBH10135)
Four Piece Sand Ceremony Unity Set (SKU: CCPS3909)
Heart Unity Sand Holder (SKU: LRUS116)
Hearts Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: HBH10992)
Hearts Sand Set (SKU: BCA91028)
Keepsake Vessel with Lid for Sand Ceremony (SKU: BCA91030)
Large Initial Engraved Glass & Backing Forever Frame (SKU: FFrame-GB)
Linked Hearts Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: HBH11132 and 22909-2)
Linked Hearts Sand Ceremony Set (Personalized) (SKU: HBH11132P and 22909-3)
Live, Love & Laugh Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: HBH11186)
Live, Love & Laugh Sand Ceremony Set (with personalization) (SKU: HBH32034P3-22909)
Miniature Family Sand Ceremony Nesting Vases (SKU: WS6090-1)
Modern Glass Unity Sand Vase Set (SKU: LRUS101)
Modern Love Sand Ceremony Shadow Box with Side Vases (SKU: CCLD-PS3917)
Modern Love Sand Ceremony Shadow Box with Side Vases (SKU: CCLD-PS3917-NP)
Mr. & Mr. Sand Ceremony Photo Vase Unity Set (SKU: CCMR-PS1528)
Mr. & Mrs. Sand Ceremony Photo Vase Unity Set (SKU: CCMM-PS1528)
Mrs. & Mrs. Sand Ceremony Photo Vase Unity Set (SKU: CCMRS-PS1528)
New Clearly Love Sand Ceremony Shadow Box (SKU: WS9373)
New Modern Love Wedding Shadow Box Set (SKU: CCLD-S3920)
New Personalized Mason Jar Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: CCPS1288)
New Wedding Shadow Box Set (SKU: CCS3920)
Personalized Decanter Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: HBH11131Pand10164P)
Personalized Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: BCA91029)
Premium Crystalline Sparkling Sand (SKU: SSSand)
Rose Ceremony Set (SKU: WS9156)
Rustic Unity Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: CCPS3909NB)
Sand Ceremony Shadow Box & Side Vases with Always Quote (no personalization) (SKU: CCAD-PS3917-NP)
Sand Ceremony Shadow Box with Always Quote & Side Vases (Personalized) (SKU: CCAD-PS3917)
Sand Ceremony Vases or Multi Purpose Vases (SKU: BC10-4096 10-40982)
Sand or Salt Unity Vase Set (Choose from 36 different images) (SKU: JDSGC370)
Scenic Sand (SKU: ACTSand)
SeaShell Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: HBH10991)
Single Large Vase for Sand Ceremony or Table Decorations (SKU: JNCCPS3909)
Small Classic Vase 3" Diameter (SKU: WS9233)
The Unity Cross Antique Pewter (SKU: UC792119900332)
The Unity Cross in Ivory (SKU: UC792119900301)
The Unity Cross Slate Black/Pearl White (SKU: UC792119900349)
This Day I Married my Friend Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: HBH11133P and 22909-3)
This Day I Married My Friend Vase (SKU: HBH11133P)
Together Forever Unity Vase Sand Set with Optional Engraving (SKU: LRUS117)
Together Forever Unity Vase Sand Set, Optional Script Personalization (SKU: LRUS117-Script)
Two Hearts Sand Ceremony Shadow Box with Side Vases (SKU: CCHD-PS3917)
Two Hearts Sand Ceremony Shadow Box with Side Vases in Black (SKU: CCHD-PS3917 - NP)
Two Hearts Wedding Shadow Box Set (SKU: CCHD-S3920)
Two Shall Become One 4 Piece Sand Ceremony Set (SKU: CCPS3909S)
Unity Sand Ceremony Shadow Box with Side Vases (SKU: CCPS3917)
Unity Sand Photo Vase Set (SKU: CCPS1528)
Wedding Shadow Box Set with Always Quote (SKU: CCAD-S3920)
Wedding Unity Sand Frame (SKU: LRUS105)
Wedding Unity Wine Ceremony (SKU: CCPS2221N)

Blended Families Come Together in a Sand Unity Ceremony

In today’s world, divorce is unfortunately a rising statistic. In fact, nearly one-third of all Americans are currently part of a blended family. So, for most bride and groom pairs bringing their families together, there’s a unique obligation to make it special.

Naturally, you will want to include your children in the ceremony; so, that they will feel like a valuable part of the union right from the start. One great way to do this is with a sand unity ceremony.

Traditionally, the couple lights a central pillar candle from two taper candles, which are lit by representatives of each party’s family at the beginning of the ceremony. This lighting can be accompanied by a blessing, vows, or can be done on its own. As timeless and elegant as this tradition is, though, it leaves no room for members of a blended family.

The sand unity ceremony is a beautiful way to incorporate any children or other family members that you want to include in your ceremony. The concept is similar to that of the unity candle ceremony, but much more inclusive for blended families. Each party is given a small vase of different-colored sand, which is then poured into a larger vase, symbolizing the coming-together of your families. After the ceremony, the vase can be placed in the home as a reminder of your special day.

Not only is the sand unity ceremony a great way to bring together your blended family, it can also be a very personal part of your wedding day. Your unity vase can be engraved with your names, monogram, or other message. In addition, your choice of sand colors can reflect your wedding colors, home décor, or any other significant part of your life. Not only will you have a gorgeous keepsake from your wedding day, you’ll also have the pleasure of knowing that the important members of your family were all included in your special day.

Sample Wording For Your Sand Ceremony

_______ and _______, you have just sealed your relationship by the giving and receiving of rings and the exchange of a kiss, and this covenant is a relationship pledge between two people who agree that they will commit themselves to one another throughout their lives. The most beautiful example of this partnership is the marriage relationship. You have committed here today to share the rest of your lives with each other. Today, this relationship is symbolized through the pouring of these two individual containers of sand one, representing you, _______ and  __________all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will ever be, and the other representing you, _______, and all that you were and all that you are, and all that you will ever be. As these two containers of sand are poured into the third container, the individual containers of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will your marriage be

I recieved the vases last week and they look great! Thank You! Mary 6-24-10

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

"The sand ceremony vases arrived yesterday in perfect condition. The engraving looks great, and I am looking forward to giving the vases to my daughter and fiance this Christmas. Thank you for the terrific work and prompt delivery!" S.L.

I would like to thank you for your prompt service in the arrival of my unity sand set. They were so beautiful.l I plan to mention your services to all my friends. Again thank you very much and thank Joni, the sales person, that was so attentive and polite to me. So again I will use you again. Yours Truly, E. Gonzalez 11-8-10

"I received the sand ceremony kit and it is perfect for our wedding! Engraving was very nice too." YJ 9-23-08