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Offering Lovely Gifts from

Offering Lovely Gifts from

  1. We all know how difficult wedding planning can be. But even more than that, we all know just how expensive a wedding can be as well. Because we want to help you create a dream wedding without leaving a hole in your budget, a lot of our most popular items here at Making Memories and More are on sale this November. Here are some of them:

    ·         Guest book photo frames. A guest book photo frame can be an excellent choice for those of you who want to avoid the traditional guest book. We have a wide variety of guest book photo frames on sale and some of the prices are more than impressive! Come and pick your favorite design and size.
    ·         The Elegant Chiffon Wedding Collection. This collection includes some very beautiful items suitable for a wide range of wedding themes. White and elegant, the items in this collection include a ring bearer pillow, a keepsake garter (+ a free one to toss), a guest book and a flower girl basket as well.
    ·         Pouring vases and sand ceremony sets. If you want to have a sand ceremony at your wedding, Making Memories and More is the place to do your shopping. We have lots of options when it comes to sand ceremony sets – and some of them are on BIG sale this November as well!
    ·         Custom banners, champagne flutes, cake toppers and other reception items. We have a lot of items on sale in the “reception” section of our website too. Some of them are cute, some are elegant and stylish, some are customizable and some are just fun. Regardless of your wedding theme, you’ll definitely find something nice in this section of our November sale.
    ·         Gifts. If you are searching for wedding gifts and favors, don’t forget to visit our website. We have lots of items on sale in this area too, so you will definitely find something suitable for you and your budget.
    Come and pay Making Memories and More a visit. We guarantee you will love “getting lost” among the beautiful wedding supplies and gifts we have in store for you!
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  2. Winter weddings! Who doesn’t love them? They are full of the festive “flavor” only winter holidays bring with them, they are beautiful, elegant and, more than anything, they are absolutely amazing for those who want their big day to be truly unique.

    If you are planning to have a winter wedding too, you’ll love the following list: 5 of the hottest trends for 2014 winter weddings. Continue reading and find out more.
    ·         Emerald. Rich and lively, Emerald can really go with a wide range of wedding themes and this definitely includes winter weddings too. This color will make you think of luscious evergreens and youth, which is absolutely perfect especially if your wedding takes place around the Christmas holidays.
    ·         Dark red. The next “big” 2014 winter wedding color is dark red. Bring it into your bridesmaids dresses, into your wedding bouquet and into your flower arrangements too. Dramatic, beautiful and elegant, this is a great color for winter weddings.
    ·         Winter wonderland. This is an all-times classic when it comes to winter weddings so it did not take us by surprise when we saw it among the best trends out there. Pair white, silver and very light, cold shades of blue and you’ll get a wedding torn out of Disney’s Anastasia. For some extra “drama”, get some blue lightning too because it will surely add a lot to the atmosphere.
    ·         Velvet. Now, this is a very luxurious and beautiful fabric and it does deserve to be part of your wedding too. This year, wedding planners have fallen madly in love with it and they incorporated it in everything, from the chair covers to the groom’s tuxedo.
    ·         Glitter. The weather outside may be colder, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a glamorous wedding. Sequins work with everything, from your bridesmaids’ dresses to the table linens, but do make sure you use them with “caution” because too much of this may not look as elegant as you want it.
    Making Memories and More is here to help you create a magazine-worthy wedding. Come visit us for amazing winter wedding supplies and you will not regret it! 
    For more tips and ideas fro planning your dream to join our newsletter/email list

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  3. A wedding is a very beautiful event precisely because it celebrates unity, beauty, love, commitment, family and renewal at the same time too. Of course, the wedding reception is a very important part of this day, but you should definitely not forget about your ceremony either. After all, this is the moment that will “tie the knot” forever and that will bring you and your love together as “husband and wife”.

    Aside from the ceremony décor, you should also think of the vowels and of the other traditions associated with this moment. Traditionally, the bride and the groom light a unity candle. However, these days sand ceremonies have become much more popular (especially since many celebrities have chosen it for their wedding too). Here are some of the reasons to love the Mr. & Mrs. Sand Ceremony Photo Vase Unity Set we have in store for you:
    ·         A sand ceremony will be much more suitable for outdoor weddings and for beach weddings. Even more than that, it will be aesthetically more appealing for everyone and it will make for a very touchy moment.
    ·         This particular vase unity set features a photo frame that doubles as the sand ceremony vase as well. You and your spouse-to-be will be pouring the sand in this photo frame and you can choose to add a photo of your wedding in it too.
    ·         Aside from the beautiful décor provided by the sand itself, the photo will remind you of this very important day in your life.
    ·         The set includes both the photo vase and the pouring glasses each of you will use during the ceremony. Also, the “frame” is engraved with the words “Mr.” and “Mrs.” – a nice and simple way to remind you of the magic of this moment!
    Come visit Making Memories and More and get your own Mr. and Mrs. Sand Ceremony Photo Vase Unity Set. And if you don’t like this model in particular, don’t worry! We have plenty of other designs in store for you – just come and take a look at them!
    Photo source: Madeleine Ball
  4. There are so many beautiful moments in one’s life! And yet, none of them exceeds the grace and loveliness of weddings. These events celebrate love, family and commitment – so it comes more than natural that you will want all the people you care about to be there for you.

    Aside from your relatives and friends though, there will be at least one other living being in this world who loves you unconditionally: your dog. He/she deserves to be part of your amazing wedding too, so why not give him/her the chance to really show off? Here are some of the reasons so many couples choose to include their pups in their weddings too:
    ·         Your dog is your best friend. He/she will love you without asking for anything in return and he/she will guard you for the rest of his/her life. He is worthy of being “invited” to your big day!
    ·         A wedding dog can be an excellent choice for the ceremony. He/she can even be your ring bearer if he/she is well-trained!
    ·         Even more than that, everyone will be overwhelmed by the cuteness of your pup walking down the aisle to be there for you when you finally say the big “I Do”.
    ·         And if you are worried your dog will not be “elegant” enough for such a formal event, think again. There are many ways to dress up a dog in a way that will make him/her look elegant. In fact, you can even find cute tuxedoes for your furry friend so there’s really nothing to worry about!
    Visit Making Memories and More for a full range of dog formal wear that will overwhelm you with cuteness. Your best friend deserves your attention on this important day of your life! Do offer it to him/her and he/she will be eternally grateful!
    For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click to join our newsletter
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  5. There are certain moments at a wedding everybody will be expecting. The moment the bride walks down the aisle, the moment the couple kisses for the first time as husband and wife, the first dance, the father-daughter dance, tossing the bouquets – all these special moments make for the charm and for the loveliness of weddings in general.

    If there is only one moment everyone will love from all points of view (and this includes the little guests at your wedding too), then that’s the moment you cut the cake! You will thus want your cake to be not just delicious, but also amazingly good looking as well. And if you want it to be original and fun, you should really check out with the following list of great wedding cake topper ideas:
    ·         Don’t be afraid to be a bit daring. Whoever said the wedding toppers cannot be sexy, funny or absolutely “crazy”? While you may not be able to dress up as if it was Halloween for your wedding, your cake toppers will have absolutely nothing to stop them from being unique.
    ·         Cartoonish wedding cake topper ideas are really fun and, if you can find some that really look like the two of you, everyone will be charmed by the idea.
    ·         Generally speaking, brides are the center of attention at weddings – but why shouldn’t the groom get some of that sweetness too? Groom’s cake ideas are usually fun and they make people smile. For instance, you could choose a bride topper that “drags” the groom – which will definitely generate some good laughter.
    ·         Cute animals can represent you on the cake as well. For instance, owls or pigeons can really be a cute addition to an elegant cake, making it less “traditional” and more like “you”.
    For cake toppers of all kinds, make sure to visit Making Memories and More. We have a great collection of cake toppers that range from very elegant to very funny, so do remember to check them all out!  For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here to join our newsletter
    Photo source: Counselman Collection
  6. Everything about your wedding has to be perfect. You have been dreaming of this moment for so long that it is understandable that you want every single thing at your wedding to be just the way you have always thought it would be.
    From the forks on the table to the food your guests will be served with and from your wedding dress to the flower basket your flower girl(s) will use, every tiny detail matters for you – and that’s perfectly normal. Among the many things you will definitely want to take into consideration are the place card holders . Not only will they be actually useful in helping you maintain everything as organized as possible, but they will also be very important as décor pieces as well. Some place card holders actually can double as wedding favors.

    Where do you find the best place card holders and, even more than that, how do you actually make the choice? Here are some ideas that may help you when it comes to this:

    ·         Think of your wedding theme. If you are planning on a very elegant and classy wedding, your card holders will obviously have to look like it. Likewise, if you are planning on a rustic wedding, on a vintage wedding or on any other themed wedding, your card holders should go with the rest of the décor.

    ·         Make sure they are quite noticeable without being tacky. You want people to spot them from afar so that they see their names on it, but you don’t want them to ruin the appearance of your wedding reception.

    ·         The price of your place card holders should not be one of the most important criterions of selection, but they it can definitely be taken into consideration – and even more so if you are running on a strict budget.

    For place card holders that are beautiful and affordable, don’t forget to visit Making Memories and More Favor Shop. We have a wide range of wedding items you can choose from so your ideal card holders may be among the many pretty things we can offer! For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here to join our newsletter

    Photo source: Mary Witzig

  7. Attending weddings is always a wonderful thing. Aside from the delicious food and aside from the great time you will be having at your friends’ or relatives’ wedding, the event itself is full of nervousness, emotions and beauty.

    If you have to attend a wedding soon and if you don’t want to offer a wedding gift that has been offered a billion times before, make sure to check out with the following list. We’ve got some wonderful ideas in store for you: beautiful, meaningful and useful as well!
    ·         For him: cufflinks. He will definitely want to look great at his own wedding, so offering him with a nice pair of designer cufflinks will definitely be the kind of gift he will appreciate. Classy, elegant and beautiful, the pair of cufflinks you will offer him will be more than welcomed!
    ·         For her: foot jewelry. If you know she will be having a beach wedding or if you know the couple will spend their honeymoon at a beach location, some foot jewelry will make for a beautiful gift for her. Pick a nice ankle bracelet or beaded foot jewelry and she will definitely wear it!
    ·         For both of them: his/her pillows. The newlyweds will start a new life together – and they could definitely use some nice accessories for their home! Get them a pair of his/her pillows and they will definitely find it cute and useful too!
    ·         For both of them: a sand ceremony set. Sand ceremony sets are meaningful and beautiful. Every couple will love receiving these as a gift, so make sure to get a nice one for the wedding you are going to attend!
    For great wedding gift, don’t forget to check out with Making Memories and More! We have some really nice wedding gifts in store for you and they are just one click away!
    Photo source: Madeleine Ball
  8. Tying the knot is a more than important moment in your life. It is thus natural that you will want all the people who mean something to you to be there for you. And it is also natural that you want memories from them – pictures, guest book signatures and wonderful moments caught on film as well.
    Some couples choose to skip having a guest book for their wedding, but the truth is that it can be a nice and virtually inexpensive idea for your big day. If you want to be really unique, think of the following ideas:

    • Take a simple guest book and decorate it with something original. It may be a flower you have drawn yourself, a heart made out of old magazine sheets of paper or anything else. Get creative and your guest book will make your personality shine through!
    • Photo albums can double as guest books as well. Simply leave some space for each guest to write something nice for you! Your guest book will have both images and good wishes!
    • Having a photo booth at your wedding can encourage guests to sign a guest book as well. Have them take a picture in the booth and stick it to your guest book. By the way, the guest book does not necessarily have to be an actual “book”. It can very well be a huge collage of pictures as well!
    • Invite your guests to sign themselves on the main wine bottle on the table, on a Mason jar or even on Jenga block! Be imaginative and your guests will definitely appreciate it!
    • Have your guests sign in on an inscribable signature mat photo frame.  This will become a lasting keepsake as well as home decor in your new home.
    Come visit Making Memories and More if you are searching for wedding guest books or alternatives. We have several to choose from which you will treasue for years to come!
    For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here to join our newsletter.
    Photo source: Judit Klein
  9. Choosing a theme for your wedding is one of the first things you have to take care of – and it is not always the easiest one either (especially if you don’t have a very clear idea on what you really want for your big day). Having a western wedding is a fun way of celebrating the union between you and your spouse-to-be and it is perfect especially if you actually live in the Western states of the U.S. To add some of personality to a western-inspired wedding, here are some great ideas to keep in mind:

    ·         The famous “Wanted” Western posters can be a great source of inspiration for your wedding invitations. This way, you will let your guests know from the very beginning that you have chosen this particular theme (and you will definitely impress them as well).
    ·         Stetson hats can make for absolutely amazing décor items. Place them on the table, as décor for the chairs or even give them as wedding favors because they will contribute a lot to creating a perfect Western ambiance.
    ·         Cowboy scarves can be a source of inspiration for your chair covers and table linens too – pair them with simple wooden chairs and tables, white cotton or burlap and you’ve got your tables all set!
    ·         You can create beautiful centerpieces for the tables by using white-painted metal buckets. Have your florist make flower arrangements to go well with the theme of your wedding and you are all done with this part of the décor too. To add even more of a “Western feeling” to your wedding, combine flowers and straws in a creative way and you’ll pull off original and beautiful centerpieces this way.
    Visit Making Memories and More for western wedding accessories and decor you will love. We have everything you may need to create a wonderful décor for your big day – just bring in your creativity and everything will go smoothly!  For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here to join our newsletter
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  10. Planning a wedding and everything related to it can be extremely stressful – but, as every bride knows, the treasure at the end of this struggle can be extremely rewarding. Yes, you will have to “fight” with tons of options when it comes to almost every single item at your wedding ceremony and reception. However, when all is done, all you have to do is rejoice and celebrate the fact that you are finally making this huge step with someone you love and who loves you back.

    Your wedding tables have to look beautiful and even if you are running on a smaller budget, you can still add a drop of your own personality in this. Personalizing your wedding centerpieces can be a genuinely enjoyable thing to do and you don’t have to take it as a chore. On the contrary, have fun with it and everything will turn out just as you expect it.
    To help your creative side, we have put together a list of some of the best wedding centerpieces ideas out there:
    ·         The flower vases can be very easily personalized. You can have them printed with your names, initials or even with your best pictures. You can paint them yourself if you want to. Also, you can even have them engraved with your initials or with your wedding date as well. The number of options is really unlimited.
    ·         If you don’t want to do that with your vases, you can do it with Mason jars or with glasses of water. With a touch of grace and style, they can end up looking really good.
    ·         Candles can be personalized as well, either by having them sculpted or by having the glass holding them printed with a picture of you.
    ·         Some couples choose to place small photo holding clips and pictures of them as their centerpiece and that’s an excellent idea if you want something truly unique for your wedding.
    ·         Instead of the traditional flowers, you can use other types of arrangements. For instance, you could go for a beautiful cupcake arrangement that imitates flowers.
    ·         You can also add various decorations to your flower arrangements: from pictures to small figurines, everything works (even seashells and leaves, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit).
    Making Memories and More can provide you with all the wedding items you may need to create something original and good looking for your own big day. Come visit us and pick your favorites!
    For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here to join our newsletter
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  11. Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life (and, for many of you, it is the most important one).
    Therefore, it deserves all your attention and all your devotion. And if you are like most of the brides and couples out
    there, you will surely want your wedding to be unique and special.

    Personalizing your wedding can add bits and pieces of you and who you are in everything your wedding will
    consist of. There are so many things you can do to personalize your wedding that an entire book should be dedicated
    to it. However, we have put together some of the best (and some of the most affordable) ways in which you can
    achieve that 100% uniqueness every bride and groom are looking for:
    ·         The wedding décor is probably the easiest thing to personalize. You may not need custom-made designer chairs
    and all-wrapped-in-diamonds glassware to do this though! In fact, it all lies in the details: the flowers, the table
    arrangement, the placement cards and so on.
    ·         Also, personalized glassware is hugely successful and it can include your names, the wedding date and even a funny
    print of some sort.
    ·         You can choose to have a completely unique wedding cake too. Some couples even choose funny or humorous cake

    ·         The way in which your bridesmaids will be dressed can add a lot to the wedding’s personality. For example, you could
    have them dress in a range of colors that are very much alike (dark purple and pastel lilac, for example) and match your shoes
    with their dresses.
    ·         Wedding favors are another great way in which you can add some personality to your big day. Choose something unique,
    cute and loveable that your guests will want to take home and personalize it with your names, dates and funny pictures too.
    The above-mentioned glassware can double as wedding favors as well, but there are many other options: Mason jar cookies,
    homemade soaps, personalized playing cards and so on.
    If you are looking for some amazing personalized wedding accessories and gifts... don’t forget about visiting Making Memories and More.
      For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here and join our newsletter!

    Photo source: Delaney
  12. Favors that your guests can use

    Offering guests wedding or party favors is a thoughtful tradition. These small tokens of gratitude show just how much you appreciate that your guests have taken the time to be there for you on your big day. You want favors that reflect your style, your personality and your vision of the perfect wedding. After all, you are unique. Shouldn't your favors be, too?
    • Bookmarks  or Corkscrews are nice useful favors. Every time they open a bottle of wine, they’ll remember you—with love.
    • Candles and Cards. Everyone loves candles and playing cards. Our "Perfectly Suited" playing cards bring your guests hours of fun and your thanks--times 52! Stack the deck with one of our amazing personalization choices, and you'll make this favor a absolute winner!
    • Measuring Spoons and Kitchen Timers are also extremely useful . Our pretty and practical heart-shaped measuring spoons will give your guests all they need to cook with love while remembering your special day.
    For great wedding-related items, don’t forget to visit Making Memories and More’s website! We’ve got a special selection of everything you could need for your wedding, sand ceremony sets to aisle runners! Visit our Favor Shop with a treasure trove of useful favors for your guests


    For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here and join our newsletter!

  13. How many attendants should be in my wedding party?

    Organizing a wedding can sometimes feel like a marathon you haven’t trained enough for. Choose this, pick up that, call them – everything can feel like a run against the clock. Every single choice needs time for consideration, at the same time, making it next to impossible for brides-to-be to actually keep their calm.                       
    There will probably be many questions filling your head when it comes to your future wedding and one of the most important ones will most likely be related to how many people your wedding party should have. Here are some tips on answering this particular question:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
    ·         Decide if you want to go “old-school” or not. Etiquette says that the number of attendants you have depends on the number of guests  you have. Thus, for a 200 guests wedding, you could have 12 bridesmaids, one flower girl and one ring bearer. For a smaller wedding, up to 6 attendants is more than just fine. 
    ·         If you are not particularly keen on sticking religiously to tradition, then you can have as many bridesmaids as you want to! After all, this is your wedding and you should be able to make the call on just how many attendants is enough!
    ·         Also, do keep in mind the fact that the more bridesmaids you choose to have, the more complicated decisions will become. Such as everyone will have to agree on the bridesmaid dresses, on their costs, on the dates and so on. Even more than that, when there are a lot of attendants it can be difficult for them all to be like-minded.
    .        Another thing to you want to have more attendants standing up front than guests seated in the audience?

    If you have already decided on your wedding party, remember to check out with Making Memories and More’s huge selection of fabulous wedding accessories and gifts for your attendants.

    For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here and join our newsletter!


  14. Oh yes! We just got married!

    You finally did it – you got hitched! The wedding is over and you’re back from your honeymoon…now what? So much planning goes into your wedding day that you can feel a bit lost once it’s all over and you slide back into your old routine again.

    Post-wedding blues are more common than you think, but there are a few things you can do to overcome them.

    1.       Keep your wedding memories alive.

    Assemble a scrap book or a Keepsake Shadow Box of wedding day memories which you can keep forever. Spend some time organizing your wedding photos in an online folder, and print and frame a few special images to place around your home. These post-wedding activities will keep the glow of your special day alive for as long as possible.

    2.       Write beautiful thank you cards to your guests.

    Everyone loves to receive a thank you card, and when they are hand written and personalized they are even more touching. It is a time consuming task (especially if you had 100+ guests) but by following this simple formula you can create beautiful, heartfelt cards every time.

    ·         Begin with a generic message, for instance ‘Thank you for attending our special day’. This will get you started.
    ·         Make reference to your guest’s gift.
    ·         Refer to something in particular about your guest (e.g. compliment their outfit; mention the long distance that they traveled; remember a conversation you had with them on the big day).
    ·         And sign off!
    3.       Plan your next project!

    Have you picked up the planning bug from your wedding organization? Simply set yourself a new project to work towards. This could be a holiday, a redecoration or a new hobby that you and your partner can master together. Don’t let your talent for project management go to waste!

    4.  Enjoy decorating your new will want to see our selection of unique personalized home decor...sure to make you house a home!

    If you’re in need of some post-wedding inspiration, have a look at our DIY and crafts pages. For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here and join our newsletter.

  15. As you plan your wedding day, you have little ones that help you out and make the day even better. These little flower girls and the ring bearer deserve some type of thank you gift don't you think? 
    Fabulous Flower Girl Gifts

    You can go for an expensive and elegant gift like a jewelry set or a flower girl tote to carry when everyone else is carrying their tote bag.

    Ring Bearer Gifts
    Boys usually love receiving anything that has to do with sports. Your handsome ring bearer deserves a prize for staying still during the ceremony instead of running and jumping all over. As you present him with a ring bearer gift, he would be very pleased. Perhaps a ball and bat, cars,  or even a fleece blanket with his name on it!

    Personalized Wedding Gifts
    Your surprise to those little cuties is not limited to items that you buy.... You can also make some personalized wedding gifts for them so they will always remember your special day, and how important the role that they played was.

    Making Memories and More offers some suggestions on what personalized item will best suit kids.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Check out our Personalized Gift Ideas for your guests!                                                                                                    
    For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here and join our newsletter!


  16. Everyone knows that decorating a wedding can be costly.  So how can you use wedding decor' as home decor' after the wedding day is over?
    It's as easy as 1.2.3:

    1.When choosing wedding decorations think to yourself, "Where can I use this in my house after the wedding?"  This will keep your eye focused on buying only things you can use again. 

    2.Get creative with DIY projects.  For example, you may want to buy burlap and wrap bottles with it.  Insert flowers and you have beautiful wedding centerpieces as well as lasting flower vases to use around your home.

    3.Share the wealth.  If you want to purchase a wedding item but don't have any use for it in your house after the wedding, why not give them as bridal party or family gifts?  Tell your friends and family that everything you purchased for the wedding is up for grabs and that you'd like them to have items as keepsakes.  They will love you for it.

    Many brides are creative and with a little forethought you can use your wedding decorations again and again.  Of course, we have many items in our online wedding accessory store that you can use in your home decor as well as wedding. 

    Take a look by clicking here:

    For more wedding tips be sure to sign up for our newsletter


  17. Some of the best people in our lives are our dads, and often the most underappreciated ones too. He cries when you cry, he laughs when you laugh, he is always there as your guardian angel until the day you get married. This is not to say that your dad will not be a part of your life after you’re married, but he will be less influential. So on the day that matters the most to you, why not show some love to your Father for being there for you when no one else was? Here are our suggestions to say ‘I love you’ to your Dad!

    The First Look

    While everyone is caught up with the first look for the groom, you should be more excited with how your dad reacts to seeing you in your wedding gown. Even the most unemotional of dads will feel their heart skipping a beat when your eyes meet his!

    A Gift for the Ages

    Make sure you give a gift to your father that he will always cherish, whether he actually finds it useful or not. It can be photo frame of you and your dad sharing a happy memory with an emotional message written on it. It can also be a customized ring for your dad that carries a special message which only you can write. As long as your gift is thoughtful, it will be priceless! For some ideas, you might want to check out our personalized gifts for men.

    Ask Him to Surprise You

    While many brides would love to have the first dance with their newly wedded partners, you could share yours with the other man in your life. Ask your dad to surprise you and shake a leg at the wedding reception. Play a song from the past that you both have memories with and share a moment of peace and completeness with the man you loved first!

    For more wedding tips and ideas be sure to sign up for our newsletter and starting saving $$ today!

  18. The Perfect Footwear for Your Beach Wedding

    While high heels might be the perfect choice for a formal indoor wedding, they simply won’t work if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony. A beach wedding, garden wedding, or any other outdoor wedding is better served by a special type of wedding footwear -- beaded foot jewelry.
    You and your bridesmaids can walk down the aisle in style with beaded food jewelry. These fabulous accessories give a delicate and beautiful look to your feet. With jeweled details going from your ankle to your toes, they give an illusion of a shoe, but without an unsightly or inconvenient sole. This is perfect for surfaces like sand where you might benefit from being barefoot.

    They also come in a variety of styles and colors, making them perfect for any outdoor wedding. They’re not just for your wedding, though. They make an excellent beach honeymoon accessory and are a gift your bridesmaids will love too!

    For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here and join our newsletter!


  19. Have a Dapper Dog

    Whether you think of them as a fur baby, four-legged friend, or just part of the family, more and more couples are looking to include their dogs in their wedding. However, for such a special occasion, you don't want them in their usual collar.

    For the dapper dogs, nothing matches the look of a tuxedo. Dog tuxedos come in a few styles, so there's something that's right for any size or type of dog. A traditional tuxedo is always a great choice, but a tuxedo bandana can be a better choice for a dog who isn't used to being dressed up. 

    If you want something a bit less formal, or a bit more feminine, consider a best pet bow. This is great whether your dog is coming as a guest or is part of the wedding party.

    One popular role for dogs at weddings is as the ring bearer. If your pooch is bringing you your rings, a special pet ring bearer pillow is a must have. These can help ensure that your rings safely make it to the altar.

    For the full range of doggie formalwear, check out our online store today!

    For more tips on planning your dream wedding, click here and join our newsletter!

    Photo: Flickr/medea_material
  20. Choosing a Gift for the Groom for Wedding Day

    As you and your fiance get ready for your big moment, you'll probably follow the tradition of not seeing each other on the Wedding Day. But this doesn't mean you can't give each other a little message of your love and a token of your love for one another.

    Finding the words to say in a note to your fiance can be hard, but finding the right gift might seem impossible. However, there are many great options when it comes to gifts for your groom.

    One option is to give him something that he can wear as part of his wedding attire. Cuff links are a favorite choice, as these are something that he might not already own. If he's rented some for the big day he can swap them for this special pair from you.

    Another classic choice is a pocket watch. This can be inscribed with a special message and the date, making it an instant family heirloom that marks this big day.

    The best gift is something that comes from the heart. Think about what your fiance will like and trust your instinct. For inspiration and an excellent selection of gifts for grooms, check out our online store today!

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    Photo: Flickr/Ryan Polei
  21. Comfortable Seating and a Cherished Memento

    Keeping your guests, and yourselves, comfortable at your wedding can be a big task. One way to do this is to create a comfortable seating area at your reception. This lounge area is a place for guests to take a load off, rest between dances, and have a nice conversation.

    You don't want just anything put in your wedding's lounge area, though. You want items that suit your wedding's theme, but that are also beautiful with a taste of home.

    By adding this charming set of three throw pillows into your lounge area, you get a fun decorative touch that can come home with you as a lasting memento. The Mr. and Mrs. pillow set is perfect for any vintage themed wedding, and has an elegant typographical style that is very on-trend for your home decor!

    You can also keep guests snuggled up and warm with a personalized throw. This is a great addition to your lounge area, and a perfect touch for your living room!

    To find more great elements for your wedding reception, check out our online shop today!

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  22. Can You Have Too Many Ceremonies?

    When you plan your wedding ceremony, you'll want to think about what to include. Along with the vows and ring exchange, it can be great to include additional ceremonies in this part of your wedding day. But is it possible to have too many of these?

    The short answer is yes. While there are many different ceremonies, you should choose one or two to use for your wedding.

    It's easy for a couple to come up with a big list of things to include. You've seen a sand ceremony, so you want that. A unity candle ceremony is also beautiful. Let's not forget jumping the broom, stepping on a glass, tying the knot, and a whole book full of readings you simply love!

    However, you need to keep in mind that when you include every ceremony you can think of, each becomes less significant and special. Instead, choosing one or two ceremonies, customs, or traditions can make them something truly beautiful. Limiting them will also be something your guests appreciate, as they will want to get to the reception to congratulate you on your new marriage!

    For all you need for your wedding ceremony, check out our large selection online!
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    Photo: Flickr/Jennifer Morrow
  23. Include Your Children In Your Wedding

    Last week we saw Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get married in a fabulous Italian ceremony. The couple's daughter, North, was there at the wedding, reportedly wearing a dress that matched her mother's custom Givenchy gown. If you have children, it can be important to include them in your wedding. For smaller kids, the usual roles they play are flower girl and ring bearer.

    As a flower girl, your daughter will walk down the aisle before you, scattering flower petals as she goes. This is always a role that gets plenty of awws from the crowd! A flower girl should wear a special dress for the occasion and carry a basket for her flowers.

    Being the ring bearer is a special role for your son. He should be dressed in a suit or tuxedo, to match the groomsmen, and will carry the rings down the aisle. This is usually done with a special pillow, which the rings are tied onto, or a box that is made for the wedding.

    Another option for your children is to have them carry a banner or sign down the aisle. Whether it's announcing the bride's arrival, a decorative design of two hearts, or giving a custom message that is special for your wedding, it can be a great way to involve kids in the ceremony.

    To find the right accessories for the flower girl and ring bearer at your wedding, check out our large selection of wedding ceremony items for Ring Bearers and Flower Girls today!

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  24. Keep Your Vows with a Love Letter Box Set

    Are you writing your own wedding vows? Many couples now prefer to say their own words in the wedding ceremony rather than rely on the traditional vows we all know from other weddings, films, and television. While you’ll always have the memory of what you and your fiance said, you should also keep a memento of your vows.

    One great way to keep your vows as a cherished memory is with a love letter box set. You can incorporate the box ceremony into your wedding for a beautiful moment, too. You and your fiance write each other a love letter. These, along with your vows if you wish, are exchanged and then placed in the box. As a couple, you close the lid and lock the box.

    The love letters, wine, and goblets can be opened as an anniversary celebration. They can also be opened if you find yourself facing a challenge and need a reminder of the joy you shared at the start of your marriage.

    To find out more about how to use a love letter box set in your wedding, visit our site today!

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  25. Top Tips for Wedding Toasts

    Your wedding toasts are something you’ll want to remember. They’re a chance to thank your guests and say a few words about this special moment in your life. They can also be a stressful part of your preparation, whether you’re giving a toast or just waiting to hear what others will say in theirs.
    The biggest mistake made when it comes to toasts is letting them become speeches. A toast is best kept short and meaningful. This can keep the content more focused and appropriate, while also keeping guests engaged.

    If you’re worried about any of the toasts, it is acceptable to ask to review them. While you might not have the surprise of what your best man will say, it can help both of you figure out what he should (and shouldn’t) include in his toast.

    For the bride and groom, a set of toasting flutes can be a beautiful addition to your wedding day. They also make a wonderful memento that you’ll be able to cherish for years to come. Whether you choose a personalized flute, a modern style, or something with a romantic heart motif, you’ll be sure to love displaying them and using them for special occasions.

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  26. Something New, Something Blue

    Every bride knows the old English rhyme about what she should carry with her for good luck. Finding your something old and something borrowed can be a way to connect with and older generation, but what will you do for the rest of the items? We've got some great suggestions!

    Something New

    This bridal bouquet charm is a fabulous way to personalize your flowers. Monogrammed with your initials, the two hearts of the charm can be worn on the included bracelet.

    Something Blue

    This bridal garter is an excellent addition to your bridal attire. It adds a splash of blue to what you are wearing and is perfect for a garter toss during the reception.

    Silver Sixpence

    While the last line often gets left off, the full rhyme is "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a silver sixpence in her shoe." Since you can't just dip into your piggy bank for a silver sixpence these days, we offer a ready to wear lucky sixpence. It comes with gift packaging and can make a wonderful memento to keep and even pass on to future generations.

    Do you have your lucky items ready for your wedding? Check out these and all the other great items we offer to make your wedding day perfect.

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  27. Show Off with Bachelorette Party Accessories

    One of the fun events leading up to your wedding day is the bachelorette party. You and your closest girlfriends paint the town red one last time before your big day. To get the full bachelorette experience, you should show off a bit and let people know that you’re the bride to be.
    This is easily done with a bride-to-be sash. These make you feel like a beauty queen and let everyone you see know that you should be the center of attention. Your bridesmaids can also wear their own sashes, either with their titles, nicknames, or just a warning that you’re part of a wild bachelorette party!

    If you’re planning a bigger outing with your maids, you might want a special bit of apparel for it. A weekend away is the perfect time to all wear matching bachelorette party hoodies and tank tops. These also make a fantastic memento for everyone to keep after the party.

    We offer a full range of bachelorette party accessories including sashes, clothing, and car flags. You can also find the perfect gifts for your bridal party!
  28. The Easiest Way to Do it Yourself

    DIY is a big wedding trend, and it gives you the chance to really get hands on with your big day. Many brides find that taking on a DIY project can even be relaxing and give them a hobby to beat the stress of wedding planning.

    The problem with many DIY projects is trying to pull together all the necessary elements. When you work with a DIY kit, everything you need is included.

    Invitations are a great thing to do yourself. Your guests will love that you’ve put a special touch to every invitation, and it can be a fun project at the start of your wedding preparations.

    Another good choice, whether you have chosen DIY invitations or not, is to include a DIY program. With multiple program styles available, you can find a DIY kit that suits your preference and wedding style.

    If you want to try your hand at DIY decor, consider a DIY bunting kit. This is an ideal addition to any vintage or casual wedding, and is a beautiful alternative to decor such as balloons.

    To find out more about DIY kits, or to purchase a kit now, check out our site today!

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  29. How to Plan a Sand Ceremony
    A unity sand ceremony is an excellent addition to any wedding. It’s a beautifully symbolic way to show the joining of you and your fiance as one. Here are a few tips to have the perfect sand ceremony.

    Choose the right colors

    There are a few ways to choose the colors of sand you use. You can base the colors on your wedding palette. This can be two contrasting colors or two shades of the same color. Alternatively, you can use the meanings of different colors to inform your decision.

    Choose the right vase

    You’ll want to pour the sand into a vase that looks beautiful as part of your wedding, and that you will want to keep on display in your home for years to come. There are many different shapes of vase available, as well as shadow boxes, frames, and even crosses.

    Decide who to include

    Much like the unity candle ceremony, you can include others in your sand ceremony. You can invite your parents to each pour a layer of sand to form the base of your layers. If you have children, this is a fabulous way to include them in your wedding ceremony. Give each child a different color of sand to show their individual part in the new blended family.

    If you are looking for the best sand ceremony vases and sand, check out our large selection today!
  30. Gifts for the Groomsmen and Best Man

    The best man and other groomsmen have agreed to help throughout your wedding planning and on the big day, so it’s only right that you thank them for their time & services. Finding an appropriate gift can be a challenge.

    The Best Man

    The gift for the best man should be chosen to reflect his personal tastes. Don’t just go with something generic like a plain flask. Engraving & Personalizing can take an ordinary gift to a more personal level turning a gift into a treasured keepsake. The Best Man is going to one of your closest friends, so you should know what his interests are. Use this knowledge for clues as to what sort of gift he may like. Functional gifts like multi-tools are a great choice, as are NFL engraved pint glasses and pocket watches.


    The traditional gift for any other groomsmen would be a smaller version of what you have given the best man. However, consider giving them something that they can use for your wedding, like cufflinks or a tie clip.

    The youngest man in your party should also be given a gift. He can be given something grown up, like cufflinks, or something that suits his age. A teddy bear can be a great choice for a young boy.

    You don’t need to spend a huge amount to get gifts that are will become priceless keepsakes. Check out the wide selection of gifts for groomsmen on our website today!

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  31. As a Bride...the outfit you look forward to most is your wedding gown, but before you slip into it, you’ll need to wear something fabulous to all your wedding celebrations and wedding appointments. Bridal tanks are perfect ...something festive and comfortable for all your your wedding celebrations from the engagement party thru to your honeymoon!

    While rhinestone bridal tank tops and bridal party tank tops are a great addition to your wedding morning, they are also an excellent addition to your bachelorette party, perfect for your engagement party, bridal showers, and rehearsals. Wear it to your hair appointment, nail appointment, and make- up appointment. With rhinestone details, they give a bit of sparkle to your outfit and they’re comfortable without being sloppy and can be a cherished memento.

    Custom wedding tank tops aren’t just for the bride, either. You can deck your entire wedding party out in their own rhinestone tanks. These bridal party tank tops make a fantastic gift or favor for the bridesmaids and mothers.

    We also offer a ‘Just Married’ bridal tank top that is perfect for your honeymoon or morning-after brunch. It’s also a fun choice if you want to slip into something more comfortable for your wedding reception!

    To find out more about bridal tank tops and buy tops for you and your bridal party, check out our selection online now!

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  32. Non-Traditional Guest Book Options for Your Wedding

    Your wedding guest book plays an important role in your wedding. This is because the guest book serves as a memorabilia that helps you remember the guests that attended your big day. At the same time, it helps your guests write a short ‘thank you’ note on where they signed. Because of this, you have to make sure that you prepare your guest book before your wedding day.
    Traditionally, the guest book is like a small book where your guests can sign on its pages. Instead of using this traditional book, however, you can opt for other guest book styles; especially if you have a theme for your wedding. Here are some ideas:

    Family Tree Signature Guest Book
    A good idea to use as a guest book alternative is to have a family tree signature book where your family members can sign in. This is a great option to use, especially if your guests are mostly your family members. 

    Canvas Signature Guest Book
    Instead of going with the traditional book format, you can have your guests sign their name and well wishes on a blank framed canvas. For a more personal touch, you can have your photos and names printed on the middle of the canvas.

    Guest Book Platter
    Another non-traditional option for your guest book is to have your guests sign a platter that you intend to use as a decorative piece in your home. These usually come with an easel so you can easily have the platter stand on top of a table.
    The good thing about using these guest book styles is that you can display them in your home. Compared to traditional guest book options, you do not have to misplace them anymore. You can simply attach them in a portion in your home so you can be reminded of your wedding guests all the time.
    For some ideas, visit our vast selection of non-traditional guest book options that you may use for your big day.

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  33. Choosing Wedding Cake Toppers

    Nowadays, a wedding cake is simply incomplete without cake toppers that depict the happy couple. With plenty of design options available now, it is easy to decorate your wedding cake and be unique about it. However, there are plenty who do not really know the history of the cake topper.

    According to legend, a baker’s daughter was about to get married. She wanted a perfect emblem for her marriage so she asked her dad to help her find the right symbol. After much deliberation, the baker came up with an idea on how to decorate his daughter’s wedding cake. On the day of the wedding, the daughter was happy to find two miniature figures dressed as the bride and her groom. It was then explained by the father that because the couple is the main attraction of the ceremony, the cake topper also served as the perfect symbolism.
    Whether or not this is a true story, it is a sweet story to share for anyone looking for a cake topper. If you are choosing one, here are some tips that can help your search:
    ·      Even if you are on a budget, avoid cake toppers made out of cheap material like plastic.
    ·      At the same time, avoid using cake toppers made out of heavy material like resin or porcelain as these might be too much for the cake to bear.
    ·      If your parents saved their cake topper, you can use it instead of buying a new one.
    ·      Be creative! There are plenty of new designs for cake toppers you can choose from. Make sure you browse through our selection of cake toppers so you can see new designs for your wedding cake.
    With plenty of options to choose from, you’ll definitely find an interesting design that you can use to make your wedding cake look good!
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  34. How to Set the Tables for Your Wedding

    No matter how times have changed, it still pays to observe tradition, especially in cases such as etiquette and social graces. Particularly in a wedding setting, it is good to have a wedding table carefully set with the right utensils, plates, and glasses for a formal dinner. If you would like to have a formal dinner for your reception, here are some tips to help you prepare for one:

    Plan the menu early
    See to it that you choose the theme of your wedding so that you can easily choose how you will be serving your food. For example, will you be serving crustaceans for dinner? Make sure that you provide your guests with the necessary tools to help them be able to eat their dinner easily.

    Prepare table cards
    When you have finished collecting the number of people who have confirmed their attendance to your wedding, you can start planning where you will be seating them with the use of a chart. Later on, you can transfer their names onto table cards so that they can easily find their spot on each table.

    Your decorations matter
    Make sure that when you plan your decorations, they will be in order and look in tune with the theme you chose for your wedding. At the same time, see to it that your centerpiece is appropriately adjusted to still provide a good view of the newlywed couple. Also, choose linens that come in the same color as the theme you have chosen for your wedding. This will keep things in check.
    By carefully planning your menu for your wedding, you will be able to choose items that you will want your guests to enjoy. Choosing the right decoration pieces also help polish off the look. For some ideas, visit our vast selection of table decorations that you may use for your big day.

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  35. Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Favors

    Traditionally, giving out wedding favors is a great way to show your guests that you appreciate their presence during your big day. While this is so, it is important to note that they are not considered a requirement for your wedding, especially if you are on a tight budget. On the other hand, if you would like to give out some wedding favors to your guests, it is best to choose your favors carefully. Here are some tips on how you can pick out your wedding favors:
    Use Your Theme
    If you have already established what your wedding theme will be, you can use it to choose a wedding favor to give out to your guests. For example, if you will be having a beach theme, you can give out some flip flops or other items that your guests may use on a beach. If you use your wedding color palette, an example for your wedding favor is giving out candy that comes in these colors.
    Local Treats
    For a destination wedding, you can give your guests some local treats that will remind them of your wedding. You can opt for food or other items that will be a great reminder of your wedding destination. 
    Seasonal Treats
    Another advice for choosing wedding favors is to base it on the season of your wedding. If you had a summer wedding, you can give out personalized sunscreen bottles or sunglasses. For spring, you can give your guests potted plants or flower seeds. Depending on your wedding season, you can easily pick out the items you would like to give away as a wedding favor.
    Remember, you are not obliged to give out wedding favors to your guests. These should always be taken as a sign of gratitude for their attendance, especially in a destination wedding. You may browse through our recommended wedding favors to find some options. Your guests will love these gift ideas!

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  36. Ever Wonder How to Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor?

    For some people, the secret to having a successful wedding reception is on the number of people who hit the dance floor. Whether you chose to hire a DJ or a band, you will really want your guests to celebrate the rest of the night by dancing. But because your guests may tend to get shy before they start dancing, you may be wondering how you'll be able to get them to enjoy during your wedding. Here are some tips on how you can get your guests on your dance floor:

    Lead by Example
    As the star of the event, you and your spouse need to show your guests how fun being on the dance floor can be. Make it a point that you hit the dance floor first so that they will start realizing how much fun you are having. After a few dance steps, you can invite members of your bridal party to join you on the dance floor. This will slowly bring in your guests to start filling up the dance floor.
    The Right Music
    When you hire a DJ or band, make sure you discuss with them the flow of the songs that will be played during your wedding. You have to inform them to pick up the beat of the songs they play throughout the reception. By the time everyone's ready to dance, the music should also be upbeat and inviting. This will bring in your guests to the dance floor easily.

    Let Loose
    If you're tired of wearing your high heels and you want to dance freely, all you have to do is take off your shoes. Chances are, there are members of your bridal party who also feel the same way. You can do it first so they can follow suit. If you have prepared some slippers, you can also have your guests wear them while they're dancing so they don't have to worry about having dirty feet. This way, you can all dance without feeling sore or worrying about slipping on the floor with high heels.

    But be sure to get your guests on the dance floor so they can make the most of the night through dancing.

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  37. How to Thank Your Guests Through a Wedding Toast

    As a newlywed couple, it is important that you give a good wedding toast to your guests. This is the part in your wedding reception where you thank your guests for attending your special day. Since this is something that your guests will really appreciate, you have to ensure that your wedding toast is something that will be memorable and meaningful. So how do you prepare for the toast? Here are a few things you should remember:

    Prepare it ahead of time
    When you give a toast, make sure you write what you would like to say ahead of time. This will give you enough time to collate your thoughts and include everything that you want on the toast. Your guests will thank you for a well-delivered speech.
    What not to include
    Remember that when you’re giving a toast, you are saying it out loud. Avoid getting carried away by including some details that you wouldn’t want anyone else to know about your friends. Yet, remember to add a few general stories that your guests will be able to appreciate.
    Thank You-s
    Don’t forget to thank your guests for taking the time out of their busy schedule to attend your big day. Especially if you had a destination wedding, this is something that your guests will appreciate. When they hear that you personally thanked them, they will be pleased that they decided to attend your wedding.
    When you end your toast, remember to raise your glass and invite everyone to do the same. Normally, the wedding toast is done during the last portion of the reception—where everyone is either about to go home or do more dancing. The decision is up to you.
    Make your wedding toasts memorable by using personalized toasting flutes. Your guests won’t forget them! To see our selection of Personalized Toasting Flutes, click here.
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  38. How to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

    There are plenty of women who are curious to know what to do with their wedding dress after their big day. Especially since these dresses can cost a lot of money, it is important to know how to preserve them instead of just putting them in the closet. As a woman, you may want your future daughter to wear the dress you wore on your wedding day. By preserving your dress, this is something she can do in the future years. 
    So how do you preserve your wedding gown? It is actually a process that will ensure the quality and appearance of your gown is maintained through appropriate storage and customized cleaning. Storing a wedding gown can be done in two ways: a self-storage option where you keep it in a temperate, dark, and dry location or you can have a professional prepare the dress preservation to museum quality procedures.
    If you have opted to hire a professional preserve your dress, they will go through an extensive process of analyzing the weaves, dyes, fabrics, and ornaments used in your gown. After this, they will clean the dress through a customized cleaning plan that will remove invisible soils and stains thoroughly. Once the gown has been cleaned, it will be wrapped carefully in a material used for museum storage. The next step is that it will be packaged in a Coroplast box so it can be protected against extreme temperatures, moisture, and exposure to direct sunlight. The process for professionally preserving your gown may cost anywhere between $250 and $500.
    You can also preserve your own dress by having it dry cleaned and wrapped in a pre-washed unbleached muslin or white sheet. You can then place it inside a sturdy box before you store it in your closet or under your bed. Just remember that your wedding dress is an expensive piece that will remind you of your wedding. This is why it is important to preserve it.
    For your other wedding memorabilia like invitations, Save-the-Date cards, and others, you can store them in a wedding keepsake box. Make sure you check out the ones on our website to help you store your wedding memorabilia and keepsakes.
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  39. Choosing a Wedding Theme

    Once you get engaged the wedding planning process begins. The first thing to do is choose a wedding theme. The theme that you choose will set the tone for your wedding venue selection (a rustic barn or a gorgeous cathedral), the dress you wear (something modern and sleek or a flowy beach gown), and how you are going to decorate for the ceremony and reception. Keep your wedding theme in mind to ensure cohesiveness when picking the color palette, menu, and more. Here are the most popular wedding themes of 2014:

    vintage wedding


    If you are choosing a vintage wedding theme, lace is a definite must. Find a gown with a slight modern twist. The perfect color palette for this kind of wedding is muted. Focus on ivories, grays, rose, and golds that are soft and pretty. A faux canopy is a romantic touch to vintage wedding theme reception and ceremony decor. Floral details should surround you. A traditional style wedding cake with vintage cake toppers perfect for this theme. Adding vintage frames and old suitcase adds a vintage and romantic charm to your decor.



    A rustic wedding theme starts with the location first. A wedding with a gorgeous landscape (like a garden or vineyard) is the perfect starting point to get ideas for decor that looks like it could be a part of your home or garden. Pretty chiffon dresses in neutral colors will be fitting for this wedding theme.

    romantic weddingRomance

    A romantic wedding theme will always be a trend year after year. Think a gorgeous modern gown with a dramatic twist (fit-and-flare or mermaid), a groom in a black tux, and the bridal party in matching floor length dresses. The perfect color palette will be something regal with gold and silver accents, or light pinks to add to the romance. If you are choosing a romantic wedding theme, spare no expense with the flowers.


    A waterfront themed wedding will always be on-trend. Pull your inspiration for the color palette form the whites, blues, and greens of the water with some bright accent colors. Since this wedding will most likely fall in the summer months, choosing refreshing summer cocktails and refreshments will be perfect for the setting of the waterfront wedding theme. When choosing your dress, avoid thick fabrics and long trains.

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  40. Bridal Car Options for Your Wedding

    Most of the time, newlywed couples have separate venues for their wedding ceremony and reception. Because of this, they have to use a bridal car to bring them to their next destination. If this is something that you have chosen to do, it is important that you know what your options are. Here are some of the options available that you can use as a bridal car:
    Rent a Car
    One of the easiest ways you can get to your wedding reception is to hire a rental vehicle. This way, you can get a new vehicle to get you to your destination.
    Classic Car
    If you have always been dreaming of riding in a classic car, now is the best time to do so. You can rent a classic bridal car to take you to your destination. With plenty of classic cars available, you can easily pick one out to use.
    If you want a quirky and unique style to use for your bridal car, you can opt for a bicycle. There are plenty of tandem bicycles that you can use to help you and your spouse get to your destination. This is a great and fun way you can arrive in your wedding reception in style.
    Boat Ride
    If you have gotten married in a place where there’s a lake or a small pond, you can use the venue to have a boat ride to your reception venue. Apart from having a cute and romantic bridal car option, you get to spend precious alone time with your spouse.
    Horse Drawn Carriage
    Another option you can use as a bridal car is a horse drawn carriage. If you have a fairytale themed wedding, this option will be a perfect choice.
    Whichever option you choose for your bridal car, don’t forget to attach some tin cans and a ‘Just Married’ sign at the back. You may check out our options for bridal car decorations that you can use for your big day.

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  41. Perfect Footwear for Your Beach Wedding

    Having a beach wedding is an exciting way to tie the knot with someone you love.  You get to be with your friends and family members, and experience a wonderful vacation ogether that may only happen once in your life. For this, you have to make sure that every single detail of your beach wedding has been planned accordingly: from your dress to the food, decorations and your honeymoon. Unfortunately, there is one thing that many beach wedding brides tend to forget: their wedding footwear.

    Unlike traditional wedding venues, you have to be very selective about the shoes you wear for your beach wedding. Since you can't exactly wear high heels on your beach wedding, it's best that you look for other options so you not only stay comfortable but look great as well. Here are some beach wedding shoe options that you may go for:

    You can use a pair of strappy flat sandals so you can have a stylish look for your wedding day. Since there are some that come with a low heel, you can choose them especially if you're used to shoes that have a little bit of elevation on them.

    Slip Ons
    Nowadays, there are a number of canvas slip ons that you can use for a beach wedding. Known more popularly as espadrilles, you can opt for these shoes if you prefer something that still looks a bit formal, yet comfortable enough for using on sand.

    Flip Flops
    While this may seem informal for a wedding, it's alright to wear flip flops on a beach wedding venue. This is because you will need to be able to walk easily on sand. By using flip flops, you can be comfortable when you're walking down the aisle.

    Barefoot Sandals/Beaded Foot Jewelry
    A growing number of beach wedding brides go for barefoot sandals or beaded foot jewelry because these look really great with their dresses. These sandals also create a romantic yet sexy appeal, especially when worn on the beach. You can choose this option if like the feel of sand on your toes and feet.

    For some options on barefoot sandals, beaded foot jewelry, and flip flops, feel free to check out our selection for some options you may get to wear!

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  42. 2014 Top Destinations for Bachelorette Parties

    Bachelorette parties are always fun, especially when in the company of great friends! This is why some bride-to-bes no longer opt for an evening of bachelorette party fun. Instead, they go out of town so they can celebrate with their friends longer.
    So where are the top cities to go to for a bachelorette weekend? Here is a list of the top destinations for bachelorette parties this 2014:
    Las Vegas
    No matter what year it is, Las Vegas remains as the number one destination in the US for both bachelorette and bachelor parties. Especially since there are a number of rowdy pool parties, entertaining shows, and elaborate clubs, the experience alone is something that you and your friends will treasure forever. And as what they say, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…’
    Another option for an exciting nightlife is Miami, especially if you’re looking for a beach party. You can bring your friends to Miami for some of the wildest pool parties and steamiest nightclubs throughout the USA.
    New York City
    A visit to the Big Apple will let you and your friends experience not just a momentous nightlife but a number of award-winning restaurants too! There is a number of other activities that you can do during the daytime, which makes this a good choice if you will be staying longer than a few days.
    Napa Valley
    If you’re seeking a more sophisticated and relaxing experience with your friends, you can head over to Napa Valley. This is where you can have a taste of some of the best wines in America. There are even world-class spas ready to accommodate you and your friends. What could be a better way to celebrate your bachelorette party than this?
    No matter which destination you choose to go to for a bachelorette weekend, remember to have the details planned out carefully. Rev up your Bachelorette Party with our collection of bachelorette party accessories to make the most of your weekend!

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  43. Bridal Party Gifts:  Knowing what to Give Your Attendants

    As the bride, you really need to show your gratitude to your bridal party attendants for helping you during one of the most important days of your life. Since they will be helping you a lot in planning your wedding, you also have to show them that you appreciate the help they have been giving you. One way you can do that is by giving them a thoughtful gift.
    Cyrstal and Pearl Necklaces

    Here are some of the things you need to think about when giving your bridal party a gift:
    How much to spend
    Before you start shopping for a gift, you need to determine how much money you’re willing to pay for this. This is important to know so that you don’t overspend for your entire wedding expenses. After you have determined the budget, you need to remember that it’s really the thought that counts.
    You have to remember that they also spent some of their time and money on your wedding. Because of this, you have to do your part and give them something that shows you are really grateful for their efforts.
    Maid of Honor
    Usually, the Maid of Honor gets something that comes in a higher value compared to the other bridesmaids. Since she was the one who planned the Bridal Shower, it is only fair that you give her something of higher value.
    When to give
    The best time to hand out your bridal party gifts is during the rehearsal dinner. This is a time when everyone gets to relax before the big day starts. As such, you can give your gifts out during this time so you don’t forget to do so after your wedding.
    If you’re still wondering what gift to give your bridal attendants, think of something that would signify your friendship with them. This is a great way you can let them know you value their presence in your life.
    Browse through our collection of Gifts for Bridal Party on our website. You might find something unique that will be the perfect choice for your friends.

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  44. Wedding Aisle Runners...Pros and Cons

    When it comes to planning a wedding, you can opt to follow tradition and go for something that’s been tried and tested. Or you can come up with your own wedding plans and organize everything on your own. Hiring a wedding planner can also be a big help to you, but in the end, you still have to make the decisions.
    One of the things you should consider when planning your wedding is whether or not you will include an aisle runner. Generally speaking, it makes the walkway of the bride look clean as she walks toward her groom. While this can be a beautiful addition to your wedding ceremony decoration, it is important to know what the pros and cons of having an aisle runner are.
    ·      Aisle runners add beauty to the wedding. Now that aisle runners are available in a variety of colors, you can easily choose one that goes best with the theme of your wedding.
    ·      Aisle runners help in keeping the bride’s dress clean. Especially if it is on an outdoor wedding, the aisle runner can protect the path that the bride walks on. This is particularly true for dresses that have long flowing trains.
    ·      Aisle runners are an inexpensive way to cover ugly flooring. If the wedding ceremony venue needs to replace their flooring, you can add an aisle runner to cover the path for the meantime. This option can be a big help, especially if the venue does not plan to replace the flooring anytime soon.
    ·      Aisle runners can cause accidents. One of the problems of having an aisle runner is that the person who walks on them may accidentally trip. This is particularly true if the there are bunches on the fabric or plastic of the material. This is why it is best to keep the aisle runner free from wrinkles.
    ·      Aisle runners may blow in the wind. Since aisle runners are recommended for outdoor weddings, it is important to tape them down properly and securely. This is because a windy day can cause the aisle runner to blow and lose its purpose.
    ·      Aisle runners may get tangled on the bride’s dress. This is particularly true if you will be wearing a dress with a sweeping train. The best way to avoid this problem is to have an assistant lift up your train as you walk to your awaiting groom.
    Deciding whether or not you want to have an aisle runner on your wedding day is entirely up to you. Just remember that there are always some ways you can avoid the problems that come with the aisle runner. Browse through our collection of aisle runners to find one that fits your wedding theme. 

    For more free tips on planning your Dream Wedding, subscribe to our newsletter today!

  45. Wedding Keepsake Shadow Boxes

    When people experience something really special, like their wedding, they want to preserve the keepsakes. While many collect photographs of their special memories, there are those who keep special momentos also.
    For your wedding day, make sure that your memories & keepsakes are stored in a  Wedding Keepsake Shadow Box. Even though you have already hired a photographer to capture your special moments, it is also good that you keep other keepsakes of your wedding day such as your wedding invitations, garter, bouteniere, program or even the menu.
    Wedding Keepsake Shadow Boxes

    One of the best ways to accumulate these wedding keepsakes is in a lovely personalized Wedding Keepsake Show Box. By storing your wedding memorabilia in this personalized shadow box you can display it anywhere in your home. You can include every single detail that you find memorable from your wedding day in the shadow box. When you’re ready to display the box, you will be proud do so in your home.
    If you’re looking for a Wedding Keepsake Shadow Box,  visit our website to check our collection of Wedding Shadow Boxes and Keepsakes that you may use for your special wedding day memories.
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  46. Add Romance to your Wedding with a Love Letter Box Ceremony

    Receiving a love letter from your fiance` is always heartwarming, especially if he/she was able to express his true feelings. It’s always nice to receive a love letter. Many marriage counselors recommend that couples should keep writing love letters to one another—even after they’re married. This will help keep the spark alive.

    One way to make your dream wedding even more romantic is to write a love letter to your loved one on the eve of your wedding day. You can then seal and exchange them in a Love Letter Box Ceremony during your wedding ceremony. But instead of reading the letters right away, you can place them in a Love Letter Box Set for safekeeping.
    After you are married, you may choose to read the letters on one (or all) of your anniversaries or during some difficult times in your marriage. When reading the letters, you will be reminded of your love for each other when  you were about to begin your married life together.
    Here are some tips on how to write a love letter:
    Personalize It!
    When starting your love letter, use the nickname that you have given your loved one. For example, if you call your fiance` “Darling,” make sure you start the letter with ‘My Darling…’ This way your future spouse will feel special, with just these words.
    Be Appreciative
    Often, couples have a falling out because they feel that their spouse does not appreciate what they do. When writing your letter, make sure that you include the qualities that you appreciate about your loved one. Also tell them what things they do that make you love them. So in case you don’t say " thank you" often, the letter will do it for you.
    Talk about the Future
    Another thing you could include in the letter is how you foresee your relationship years down the road. In the letter, you can talk about what you would like to happen in your life as a married couple.
    When it comes to writing about your feelings, make sure that you are honest. Use simple words, just like you would when you’re talking to each other. This way, you can better relay the emotion and the letter will be meaningful. When the time comes for you to open the love letter box set and read the letters, you can look back on your relationship and see how much stronger you have become as a couple.
    Get more information on our love letter box sets to enhance the romance of your wedding ceremony!
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  47. What you Should know about Bridal Showers

    Planning your own wedding can get pretty stressful. This is particularly true if you have opted to skip hiring a wedding planner to help you with this. For this reason, it is easy to see brides turn into a bridezilla. Even on your bridal shower, you may suddenly snap and scare away your bridesmaids.
    Here are some important things you have to remember about your bridal shower:
    One bridal shower is enough. There’s no reason to have more than one bridal shower, especially if you will be inviting the same people to each event.
    The bride does not plan the shower. You only accept an offer to host your bridal shower and not do anything with the planning stage. At the same time, you should reconsider about accepting all the offers to host your bridal shower; especially if you are a popular person. Instead, you may request to host another event for the wedding reception. Whatever they help will be useful for your big day.
    You get to review your guest list. Even though you are not the one to plan the bridal shower, it is important that they run the guest list through you. This is because you have to be the one to pick out the people who will be joining during your bridal shower.
    Family members do not host showers. Any member of the family is not responsible for hosting the shower, particularly moms, stepmoms, future in-laws, and sisters.
    If you’re friends are hosting you a bridal shower, make sure that you thank them for the thoughtfulness with a gift. You may want to check out our personalized gifts

    If you need help planning a bridal shower or more tips on planning your Dream Wedding or bridal shower,  click here and join our Newsletter.

  48. How to Choose your Maid of Honor

    When forming people who will be part of your bridal entourage, it is important that you carefully choose the right one. This is because these people will be in a number of photos of your big day. If you are unable to choose the right people, there is a chance you will not enjoy the big events that are in store for your wedding preparations.
    But apart from just choosing your bridesmaids, how do you choose your Maid of Honor? Is it just alright to pinpoint anyone from the list? Or do you have to be careful with this selection as well? Here are some tips to help you decide:
    There are some traditions wherein the sister of the bride is chosen to be the maid of honor automatically. This is simply a birthright that does not need to be questioned by anyone.
    Best Friend
    If you don’t have a sister, the next logical choice is your best friend. This is because she is the one whom you share your secrets with. Most likely, she will also be the one who knows about your relationship with your groom.
    List of Bridesmaids
    If you don’t have a sister or a best friend, the next option would be to choose from your list of bridesmaids. You will have to pick the person whom you feel closest to. At the same time, you have to check if they are capable of filling in the responsibilities required from a maid of honor. If not, you have to inform your chosen Maid of Honor what these responsibilities are.
    One of the things that your Maid of Honor is in charge of is your Bridal Shower. Make sure that she knows how to plan the bridal shower and make it a lively one. You may use some of our game ideas or contact us for party favors. 
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  49. Should Your Pet Join the Bridal March?

    There are some people who value the presence of their pets during their big day. This is because they know that their pets have always been there for them. As a matter of fact, these people consider their pets as part of the family. Because of this, they would want to include their pet during the bridal march.
    If this is something that you are interested in, you have to follow a few guidelines in determining that your pet is suitable for the march. Here are some of the things you have to consider:
    You have to make sure that your pet’s personality will let him participate in the wedding properly. If you have a pet that is unfriendly, you might only put your guests in jeopardy of being bitten. At the same time, if you have a pet that is very hyper, you run the risk of having an accident in your wedding. This is why you should make sure that your pet is trained and calm during your big day.
    Check with the Ceremony
    No matter how important your pet is to you and your fiancé, you still have to check if he is able to join the ceremony. Especially if your religion does not welcome such participation from pets, you won’t have a choice but leave him at home. In case you really want to have him join your big day, you can have him included in your engagement photos instead.
    His Comfort
    Meanwhile, if your pet is allowed to join the big day, you have to see to it that he is comfortable with the formal wear that you will let him wear. You can check out our selection of pet’s formal wear so that he will look good during your big day as well!

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  50. Games for a Bridal Shower

    A wedding cannot simply happen without the bride letting herself go and enjoying her last hurrah with her girlfriends. Often celebrated in a rented hotel room, you can celebrate your friend’s bridal shower with some food, alcohol, and games. But what are the games that are usually played at these parties? Here are some of the best bridal shower games that you may use:
    ·      Do You Know the Bride? This is a fun game that will surely bring back memories, preferably good ones. The objective of the game is to just have fun with the crowd and also hopefully to make the bride blush. In this game, you simply hand out pieces of paper and the guests will have to write down their answers on them. You can ask questions like ‘Who was the bride’s first boyfriend’ or ‘Were did she and her fiancé meet’ or even ‘What food did she hate as a child.’ The more embarrassing these questions are, the better it will be. But of course, you have to make sure that it’s all just for fun and that your main guest is enjoying.
    ·      Gown Designer. Another game that you can play requires the use of toilet tissue paper. Lots of it! In this game, you will have to divide the guests into groups consisting of 3-4 members. Each group will have a fashion designer and the rest will be brides. When the game starts, the designer will have to create a wedding gown on her models. Once the game stops, the real bride will determine who was able to make beautiful gowns the fastest.
    With games as fun and engaging as these, who has reason to be bored at a bridal shower? Oh, and a hot male stripper is optional.
    Remember that when you’re planning a bridal shower, be prepared with the props that you will need for the event. Check out our website for some ideas that you may use.

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  51. Symbolism and Importance of Color Used in Sand Ceremonies

    When it comes to weddings, every single step needs to be treasured because they make the entire occasion beautiful. If you are considering having a wedding sand ceremony, it will be an event that signifies two lives joining together as one. You and your fiancé will be pouring sand into a vase that will produce a unique and beautiful color combination. But did you know that when it comes to the use of the sand in these occasions, there is a certain meaning to each color?
    Here is a short meaning of each color used for the sand ceremony:
    ·      Red: Love, passion, fertility, courage, and strength of will
    ·      Hot Pink: Romance
    ·      Pale Pink: Love, happiness, playfulness, unity, and truth
    ·      Light Blue: Peace, patience, understanding, and good health
    ·      Dark Blue: Strength, longevity, trust, commitment, and loyalty
    ·      Purple: Royalty, health, vitality, strength, power, and sophistication
    ·      Green: Nature, renewal, riches, prosperity, luck, beauty, and health
    ·      Yellow: Sunny disposition, joy, consistency, optimism, attraction, and friendship
    ·      Gold: Wealth, prosperity, unity, prestige, success, and strength
    ·      Champagne: Conservative, traditional, and refinement
    ·      Silver: Glamour, inspiration, protection, and vision
    ·      White: Peace and innocence
    ·      Brown: Caring, nurturing, and home
    ·      Black: Wisdom, success, strength, and sophistication
    Each of the colors represent a significant characteristic that you either possess or you’re wishing for during your marriage with your fiancé. At the same time, he will choose a color that also best describes who he is.
    When those two colors of sand are poured into a clear vase, they will play with one another in harmony. They will produce a beautifully colored piece that is unlike any other. The chance of having someone’s sand ceremony vase looking exactly the same as yours is very few. You may have the same color combination but having these colors mix with one another is an entirely different story.
    What color best describes you? Have you chosen your color for your sand ceremony? Call us to get help in learning more about unity sand ceremonies. For more Tips on Planning your Dream Wedding...Click here and join our Newsletter
  52. Wedding Planning Checklist

    Planning a wedding can be tough for the not so organized bride.  But a bride that knows exactly what questions to ask a wedding professional, when to plan what & how to get the best deals is a happy bride.  That's why we're providing this wedding planning checklist for you.  It will help keep you organized as you plan the wedding of your dreams:

    12+ months before your wedding

    • Congratulations! Announce engagement.

    • Pick a date.

    • Talk budget and determine  who is contributing what.

    • Decide on wedding style.

    • Choose wedding party: Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids, Best Man and Groomsmen, Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.

    • Create a wedding website.

    • Get engagement ring insured and consider purchasing wedding insurance.

    • Take engagement photos.

    • Personalize and order your "Save the Date" cards.

    • Begin compiling guest list.

    • Research ceremony and reception venues.

    • Research wedding planner and vendors: photographer, videographer, caterer, and musicians.

    • Research wedding dress and veil styles.

    10-12 months before your wedding

    • Mail Save the Dates.

    • Research florists.

    • Choose bridal party attire and accessories.

    • Book ceremony and reception venues.

    • Book officiant.

    • Book photographer, videographer, caterer, musicians, and planner.

    • Purchase wedding dress and veil.

    • Establish a fitness routine.

    • Establish a skin care/beauty routine.

    8-10 months before your wedding

    • Research three hotels for out-of-town guests.

    • Finalize guest list.

    • Register at three national retailers.

    • Book florist.

    6-8 months before your wedding

    • Research Wedding Invitation designs.

    • Research Favors and Thank You Cards.

    • Research wedding day hair and makeup styles.

    • Meet with officiant to discuss plans for ceremony.

    • Reserve rentals: chairs, linens, lighting, décor, etc.

    • Begin planning honeymoon.

    • Choose cake style and schedule tastings.

    • Choose groomsmen attire.

    • Book ceremony musicians.

    • Book transportation to and from venues.

    • Purchase wedding bands.

    4-6 months before your wedding

    • Choose flowers:  wedding party, venues, cake, attendants.

    • Plan welcome baskets for out-of-town guests.

    • Schedule dress fittings.

    • Prepare {play/do not play} playlists for DJ/band.

    • Book honeymoon flights and hotels.

    • Book room for wedding night.

    • Order wedding cake.

    • Order Wedding Invitations.

    • Order Favors and Thank You Cards.

    3 months before your wedding

    • Plan ceremony and reception seating arrangements.

    • Experiment with hair and veil with stylist.

    • Finalize readers and readings.

    • Book rehearsal dinner venue.

    • Purchase: toasting flutes, serving pieces, guestbook, flower basket and ring-bearer pillow.

    • Finalize reception menu.

    • Order Menu Cards.

    • Order Rehearsal Dinner Invitations.

    2 months before your wedding

    • Mail Invitations.

    • Develop system for organizing RSVPs.

    • Begin writing vows.

    • Review ceremony details with officiant.

    • Lay out the content for Wedding Programs.

    • Apply for marriage license: order 2-3 extra.

    • Finalize wedding day timeline.

    • Finalize seating arrangements.

    • Finalize playlists with musicians.

    • Finalize fittings and attire for wedding party and parents.

    • Create “wedding day” schedule  and send to vendors and officiant.

    • Create honeymoon itinerary for family at home.

    • Decide “Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue.”

    • Book spa and beauty treatments  for you and bridal party.

    • Book wedding day transportation.

    • Purchase gifts for attendants.

    1 month before your wedding

    • Call vendors to confirm date, times and location.

    • Final dress fitting.

    • Confirm honeymoon reservations.

    • Pick up wedding rings.

    • Pick up marriage license.

    • Pack for honeymoon.

    • Write Thank You notes as gifts are received.

    • Order Wedding Programs.

    2 weeks before your wedding

    • Follow up with guests who haven’t yet RSVP’d.

    • Give final count to caterer.

    • Update registries.

    • Begin breaking in wedding shoes.

    • Make arrangements for the caring of pets and plants while on honeymoon.

    • Get final haircut and color.

    • Get playlists to DJ/Musicians.

    • Delegate wedding day duties:  gift table, guestbook, etc.

    • Delegate someone to return tuxes, rentals and tend to wedding dress.

    • Send directions to wedding day limo/transportation driver.

    1 week before your wedding

    • Prepare final payments to vendors + cash tips for service personnel.

    • Prepare wedding day emergency kit.

    • Lay out wedding clothes.

    • Give readers their scripts, if necessary.

    • Give photographer and videographer your image and video requests.

    • Get spa treatments for you and the bridal party.

    The Day Before your wedding

    • Deliver welcome baskets.

    • Get Mani/Pedi/Massage.

    • Attend wedding rehearsal.

    • Have fun at the rehearsal dinner.

    • Get to bed at a decent hour!

    Wedding Day

    • Eat a good breakfast!

    • Mail wedding announcements.

    • Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready.

    • Give wedding rings and officiant fee to Best Man.

    • Congratulations! ENJOY the Day!

    After the Wedding

    • Return tuxes, rentals.

    • Get wedding dress to preservationist or cleaners.

    After the Honeymoon

    • Send Thank You Cards as soon as possible.

    • Enjoy the rest of your life!

    If you need help keeping all of this organized, consider purchasing the Planning a Wedding To Remember Book by Beverly Clark. 

    Planning a Wedding to Remember

    Beverly Clark's latest edition of Planning a Wedding to Remember includes current wedding trends, important money-saving advice, etiquette advice and exciting ways to personalize your wedding. Whether you want your wedding to be a grand event or a small and intimate gathering, Beverly's planner will save you hours of time and let you move through the entire planning process with confidence and ease.  8" X 10"
      Click here to get a copy now.

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  53. New Wedding Cake Flavors: Beer, Chili Powder, Bacon Bits?

    If you are a bride that finds butter cream filling and strawberry frosting so boring ... You may find this interesting...  Nowadays wedding cakes are made with Guinness beer, chili powder and bubble gum flavors.
    These are the new hipster cake flavors that outside of the box brides are begging for.  Here are a few other wedding cake flavors that are daring and will certainly wow your guests:
    • Key lime
    • Guinness Beer
    • Bacon and Maple Syrup
    • Ginger
    • Wassabi Chocolate Ganache
    • Cinnamon Spice
    • Bubble Gum
    These new flavors have bakeries writhing with envy and convincing brides to give them a try.  For the most part these specialty cakes have grooms finally getting excited about choosing the wedding cake.  Mention bacon and beer to a groom and their heads turn.

    If a specialty wedding cake is up your ally then don't forget to add a cake topper that is just as fun and memorable.  We have several to choose from.  Click here for photos and prices. For more tips on planning your Dream Wedding...Click here and join our Newsletter
        Choosing a Wedding Guest Book

    Guest book  s are an important part of your wedding day. They’re a wedding keepsake that you and your spouse will love looking at for years to come. However, you’ll need to get your guests excited about signing them.
    While any plain book can serve as a wedding guest book, something that is attractive will draw your guests in. A beautiful book and gorgeous pen will encourage guests to write you a meaningful message.
    Of course, you don’t need to stick with a traditional book. Invite your guests to sign the mat around a framed picture from your engagement photo shoot. This is a great option because it’s ready to hang and makes a great bit of decor in your new home.
    Similarly, platters are a functional and fun guest book. Your guests can sign their name to a platter that can be used for years to come, or placed in an easel for a beautiful decorative piece.
    Your guest book should be something that your guests love to sign, and that you’ll love to look at. Click here to View our extensive range of guest books, guest book alternatives, and guest book accessories today! 
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  55. Why Plan a Sand Ceremony?

    Your wedding will be made up of many elements. The ceremony alone might include cultural traditions, special readings, cherished pieces of music, and more. One ceremony that you can include to enhance your weddding is the sand ceremony.
    Sand ceremonies are a type of unity ceremony, and this type of unity ceremony will result in a fantastic wedding keepsake. A unity ceremony is a symbolic demonstration of you and your fiance's lives becoming joined together.

    A Unity Sand Ceremony can also be a great choice for blending families. Sand Ceremonies are a way to include your children or step-children. Both you, your fiance, and your children will pour sand into the vase, showing how you are coming together as a family.

    As you plan your sand ceremony, you will want to choose a vase and sand colors that you will love to have on display. We offer a variety of styles and shapes, so check out our selection to find your perfect sand ceremony set today!
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